Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I wasn't myself and checked this blog frequently, I'd be disappointed

I confronted a friend about his infrequent blog posts, he shot back with “You're just as bad”. I'm just as bad.

Since the last post:

I went to Vancouver and Northern California.

Played a lot of gigs.

Spent a lot of time writing very little music. The musical/chamber opera is cooking at the tempo you'd expect from a back-burner. It's cooking nonetheless. I'm nearly finished the “Concerto for Felix” though it's now really “Episodes for Felix”. Bass trombone, flute, oboe, english horn, bassoon, 2 pianos, and electronics. We'll be recording at Concordia University in a month.

I'm in the process of sporadically recording a song with Maerin Hunting's band “Felix” (lotta Felix's in my life right now) with Brian Chan engineering/producing/mixing/etc.

COMING UP is something I'm excited about. I'm bringing Remy and Pascal Leboeuf up to Montreal to be featured in my “Large Band” on November 17th! I'm also bringing up Arthur Hnatek since I can't live without him. My brother will be joining us on bass as well, along with the Tom Csatari band to open up (Eric Read on drums, Levon Henry on tenor sax). We'll be performing at the “Resonance Cafe” on Fairmount and Parc Avenue, a brand new venue/cafe that a friend of mine Martin Heslop just opened up. Writing a new chart for the occasion, the first one since I wrote “Hope”.

My place got broken into last week. He/she/they stole my two laptops, my wallet, sunglasses, my roommates 2 cameras and a few pairs of his glasses. I think I have most of my scores and recordings backed up or at least somewhere on many friends' hard drives, which is reassuring. They didn't steal my guitars, which was nice of them. And luckily the first season of Louie was backed up in my iTunes purchases. It's not ALL bad. (I've since shrugged off the frustration and tried to be at peace with myself and them).

Notable Live Events:

NYC Ballet Company – they performed Stravinsky's “Duo Concertante”, part of Arvo Part's “Fratres”, a silent ballet, and John Adams' “Hallelujah Junction”. Christopher Wheeldon choreographed the Part piece, can't remember the others...

Flying Lotus – Beautiful projections. (I think) I like listening to electronic music at home better than live, strangely enough.


Timothy Andres – samples on his websites. GREAT composer. Appropriation of Mozart's 26th piano concerto is really inventive. I've thought about doing something similar using only the exact rhythms of an existing composition. My friend Arthur Hnatek is studying with him now. (Arthur is doing a two week tour with Tigran Hamasyan in November. He's growing up so fast... Two mentions in one blog post. A record.) 

Webern's “Passacaglia” Op. 1. Thanks to Dom Mekky for showing it to me.

The Ravel Piano Trio, also thanks to Dom.

Thomas Ades. I have to listen more, but I like what I've heard.

Tons of Steve Reich

Fell in love with Sondheim's “Sunday in the Park With George”. I've never heard anyone sing any character of Sondheim's better than Bernadette Peters.


Stravinsky “An Autobiography” (1934)

Steinbeck “Cannery Row”

Re-reading Hitchens' “Hitch-22” and “Letters To A Young Contrarian” (I love the way he uses the English language, I should buy another book of his)

*Sadly very little. I guess I've been reading WAY too many newspaper articles, not enough fiction.

It's hard to write about isolated events from such a large time frame. Sorry Dillon, I can't write about your music for legal reasons.